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When it comes to Brokers, there is a variety of information apa format thesis paper sample that you should look at. Licensing is the most important element. It is how we know we are dealing with legitimate entities. The Financial Services Board (FSB) is the one that takes care of licensing here in SA but Brokers don’t need licensing in each and every country. Just the South African really need to be FSB registered. You can check who is registered on Google using the FSP Number the Broker will provide you

As you can see, IC Markets is regulated by ASIC in Australia, what is the ASIC?

Google and read for yourself what others have to say about IC Markets:

These are the spreads for a Standard Account and no commission is taken:

These are the spreads for an ECN Account and a commission of about $7 per Lot ChiefEssays.Net is taken:

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