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Market Analysis

Market Analysis

MSFG utilizes Technical Analysis using Price Action before taking Trades. The MSFG system also incorporates the following in its arsenal of Market Analysis Methodologies:

Expert Advisors – these are “Robots” that provide a Trader with Areas of Interest for BUY or SELL opportunities. These can send Alerts to the Trader to their Phone or E-Mail Account.

Custom Indicators – these are Indicators that are not readily available on the MetaTrader software but are coded by developers to save a Trader time. Custom Indicators can draw in & auto-update Trendlines, Support & Resistance Levels/Zones, Fibonacci Retracement Levels, Harmonic Patterns etc.

Auto-trading Expert Advisors – these are “Robots” that automatically open, modify & close trades based on their coded strategy & user parameters.

The combination of these with Price Action, provides any Trader with an edge.

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