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MSFG Membership

Become a MSFG Student today!

Upon sign up and payment is completed, kindly email your proof of payment to [email protected] or send it to us via WhatsApp, using the floating button on the bottom left of this screen!

Once we’ve received your POP, a representative will be in touch with you on the details you provided, with regards to the service you chose.

Happy trading!

Intro to Forex
Free intro to forex
MSFG Offers free services. One of which is an intro to Forex (Forex Basics): ❖ What is Forex and what it involves ❖ How Trading generates Profits ❖ Risk Management Principles ❖ Legitimacy & Regulations ❖ Overview on Scams
Understand the market at no cost
Familiarize yourself with charts and terminology
Q & A
Earn while you learn!
A monthly subscription for signals over Telegram. All signals given free for the month of February 2019 for testing of performance & profitability. Subscription ends in the new month of the date of joining.
FREE signals in February 2019
Make back your R500.00 the same month
Signal analysis
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Strategies & EA Robots
Get a profitable strategy and EA robot.
Aimed at seasoned forex traders who merely want strategies & robots / Custom indicators / Expert Advisors without any mentorship or assistance entry and exist conditions as well as pair selections and sessions are given as recommendations.
Expert Advisors / Robots
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Masterclass & Mentorship
LIFETIME mentorship!
The MSFG Masterclass with mentorship is a lifetime service. Graduates enjoy new tested strategies as they are developed profitable robots as they are discovered and an ongoing relationship with the MSFG network granting them access to financial advice, investment vehicles not related to forex and a helping hand throughout their forex journey.
Lifetime mentorship
Access to MSFG Network
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