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The driving force at MSFG

Michael Sehlare

Michael is a Trader & a Mentor who is well-versed with Price Action and a logical approach to the Market. Consistent profits, a passion for the market and a sense of duty to help those around him achieve their dreams are what keeps him going. He started mentoring when he made $1 million from 26 trades (no loss) on a $100 000 demo account and friends/colleagues were interested to learn how – he found that he can break down complex information and turn it into an easy-to-understand concept for all people

Claudia Robertson-Sehlare
Business Consultant

Claudia is a business consultant and who is moving MSFG to the next level of success by focusing on business strategy implementation, growth, branding & ongoing operations.

Kgaugelo Mogoiwa
Customer Service Advisor

Kgaugelo is a Customer Service Advisor at MSFG and she interacts with clients, handles complaints, processes orders and provides information about the organization’s products and services. She's particularly good with problem solving and communication skills. She is also a qualified fashion designer, with a diploma in clothing and manufacturing obtained at the prestigious North West School of Design.

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